In April 2009, Minetuff Dewatering Pumps Australia began designing and manufacturing submersible dewatering pumps specifically for the Australian mining market and a select group of products were launched in Australia. At the outset, our pump range was comprised of 4 units: 5kW, 8kW, 20kW and 37kW. Branches in Melbourne and Perth serviced a national distribution network looking after the country.

As Australian mines and miners experienced the hardiness of the Minetuff units and started migrating to international operations, their preference for Minetuff products in mining led to Minetuff Dewatering Pumps Australia starting to explore export activity, mainly into Africa and Indonesia. This was quite unexpected market growth, as the original vision was only to create a local Australian product specific to Australian mining. By 2015, this export activity had spread to include parts of Europe, Canada and even Mongolia.

In July 2017 ownership of Minetuff Dewatering Pumps Australia changed, and along with it the name and vision of the company. Now branded simply as MINETUFF PUMPS and headquartered in Perth Western Australia the company invested – and continues to invest – heavily in increased stockholding. For too long the market has been dependent on long lead times as global corporates increase focus on lean manufacture, just-in-time ordering and high inventory turnaround ratios. MINETUFF PUMPS take enormous pride in carrying the undisputed largest volume of assembled pumps and spare parts in Australia, and this stacks up quite strongly in world markets too, making our production lead times among the shortest in the world – in the rare event that we don’t actually have the stock immediately to hand.

The second paradigm shift for the company was renewed investment in R&D. This has resulted in continued refinements of the existing range as well as exciting new additions to the portfolio – like the newly-released Minetuff 90kW pumps for example. The roadmap for future R&D is long and wide, and clear goal-setting and prioritisation will make the foreseeable future an exciting time for MINETUFF PUMPS and our clients.

The third level to uplifting the products into a global market is an increased diligence with regard to literature and sales tools for our end users, resellers and distributors, which has triggered a fresh new look and a whole barrage of pump literature on offer. Some may be found here in the public domain, and there is much more available from your authorised MINETUFF PUMPS distributor in your region.

MINETUFF PUMPS has come a long way in a relatively short space of time and this is largely attributed to continued high energy from an agile, disciplined core team that ALWAYS put the customer first. We believe passionately in the products we develop, and would love to have you join us in this exciting journey of TUFF, reliable pumps that simply refuse to let you down.

Mine Tuff Team